"Who, me?"
Other names: The reader, the player, <insert name here>
Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: Grey zone
Occupation: Whatever you're doing
Likes: Your hobbies
Dislikes: Your dislikes
Blog: If you have one, then you know it
Yeah, you! The reader. This article is about you!


No need for a description since you know yourself. What? You're wondering why there's an article about YOU? Is this a stupid joke? Breaking the fourth wall? Yes, we're breaking the fourth wall. That's something that happens in the Noisy Tenant universe. If you read Awful Hospital you know that some characters address you directly. And you also play a role in the story. Weather you're a voice in someone's head, or even playing as the protagonist yourself, you actively contribute in the stories. Well, at least in some of them. There are short stories where you have no control over anyone.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy yourself. Have fun!

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