X-Ray Fern
Other names: Ms Blue
Bioform: X-ray image
Native zone: The Hospital
Likes: Snapping necks
A cartoonish animated x-ray print of Fern's skeleton, which promptly killed her a second time.

Description Edit

X-Ray Fern is Fern's animated x-ray image. She was born when Fern took an x-ray of herself in the Hospital's laboratory to see what was causing the pain in her chest. She first tested the x-ray machine on a rat with a human ear and it didn't seem to cause any obvious effects so she used it on herself. It turned out that the chest pain was caused by the ID card Dr Tori dropped when operating on Fern. The x-ray animated the second she turned around, it emerged from behind the x-ray machine and snapped her neck. This is no meaningless death, as the skeleton knew about the anomaly that slipped in with the card and killing Fern's body with the card in it will enable her to travel to her own corpse's inert endozone and progress on her quest. This means that the x-ray didn't have bad intentions after all.

She dated Bloodstain.

First Appearance Edit

In Awful Hospital.

Trivia Edit

  • She breaks the fourth wall when she makes a hushing gesture and a wink at the audience.
  • The x-ray machine is Crash's ex.


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