Bioform: Glass
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Receptionist
Windifred is a sapient talking intake window who works in several wards, such as Dr Tori's Surgery Ward and Dr Gynnie's Maternity Ward.


A rectangular window with holes for eyes and a speaker for a mouth, Windifred works at the Hospital as a receptionist, being present at multiple locations such as the Surgery Ward and Maternity Ward lobby. At the Surgery Ward there is a numbered ticket dispenser next to her, on her left side for patients to know when their turn is next. Her location at the Maternity Ward is right next to an office shack for temp workers. When in a break layer (the equivalent for nighttime) she wears a sleeping mask.

Concerning her intelligence, Windifred isn't very bright, being extremely gullible. She even assumed Fern being "emergency assistance" without her wearing a temp staff badge. When tasked with the termination of patients during a quarantine, she usually eats them. The means by which she accomplished this is yet unknown.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on Winifred and window.
  • Looking closely, cracks on the window's surface give the impression of worried eyebrows. There are also a few fingerprint smears too.
  • Windifred was initially planned to have eyes and a mouth inside the window but the idea was later dropped in favor of being empty.