"You could pick him up like a baby and he'd fall asleep in your arms, every time."
Bioform: Canine
Native zone: N/A
Residence: Grey zone
Occupation: Pet (?)
A little black terrier dog. Or is it?


A dog that appeared in Dr Fleagood's story. His name is a reference to The Wizard of Oz. Toto is said to be the protagonist's dog that was willed to her by her aunt, Sharon, ten years ago. One day, after returning home the protagonist finds the dog laying sick on the floor and brings him to Dr Fleagood's veterinary cabinet.

In reality, the dog has mind affecting abilities and gave fake memories about owning him. The first time when he met the protagonist was actually when he was found sick. In the memories, Toto never shown any signs of aging and the protagonist cared about him more than a relative. He's also remembered as always being there at tough times and helping coping with life. Toto's true nature is never revealed but it's speculated that he's either a trap used by Fleagood to bring customers or a dangerous entity that Fleagood tried to get rid off.

First AppearanceEdit

In the story Doctor Fleagood Does it Again.

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