Full name: Membrane Disassociator
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Medium
Location: Black zone
Function: Subtract less, but add even less than that
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A reverberator usually encountered when entering a black zone. Awaiting to hook into your tribrain.

Article Description Edit

You know you're conducive to these if the first bite of sugar has ever made your teeth throb. They don't subtract as much from you as other reverberators, but they add even less than that, so be careful when entering a black zone; they like to dangle themselves off the arterial fingers so their ventral probes will hook right into your tribrain as you recombine. Cheeky scamps!


  • The picture is a Pentastomid larva, a worm-like parasitic crustacean.
  • It is speculated that they have a relationship with cavities.