the screaminomicon is a propetulall screaming book. it was given to the fackulty by the students has a joke but they actully kinda liked it and mad it the laugage art teacher.

Description Edit

The title and author on The Screaminomicon's front cover change blindingly fast... but a few of them include "Helpme by: me", "Getting SECRETS!! by: Jib Janeen", and "Ruining Everything by: Heinrich". At the bottom of the Screamonomicon's front cover are the words "Courtesy Of", but the name of the person in question has been blotted out.

the screaminomicon is like a fines fly trap just siting ther unasuminly in till contacked is made. then it clamps down and will not open in till the victem has completly bleed out. how ever this combat mathic thaw good foe flies is deeply flawed agients the student. cents while clamped down it is completly vunirable. alowing other students to attack it.

at first it dosn't seem intelligent just screaming and biting any thing that tuckes it. but has it lay daying the words on it chang to say he'll make you pay for what you did to my.


First Appearance Edit

In strang school.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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