The Morgue is where dead biovessels (corpses) are kept for decontamination, sterilization, preserving, archival and even recreational purposes. There's a floor for every entity filled only with its own dead bodies. This makes sense considering that most entities (except grey zoners) can branchinate, having multiple vessels (perceptoids) to spare. The main organizations operating the Morgue are the Slab Council and the Preservators



You can get to the Morgue by the elevator, which is normally accessible from the Hospital. The elevator is operated by Stone Slab who will help you getting to your floor.



Upon reaching the desired floor, the Morgue continues with a series of labyrinthine hallways. These don't seem to follow regular geometry, as paths can loop around and drawers being placed at impossible places. The walls are filled to the brim with drawers containing the bodies. Critters roaming the hallways include:

Central RoomEdit

In the center of each floor is a room containing the necessary equipment to perform endo-shifts on dead bodies. Drawers are also present in this room. Worms are seen crawling in and out the door which leads to the endozone of cadavers. An incinerator is used to purge some of the bodies.

To visit an inert sub-concept vessel zone, a dead body must be submerged in the red jelly tub, the plug must be put in, activate the key slot, pull the switch, it should make the light green, and then go through the door. Endo-shifts can't be performed on living bodies in here. Preservation activity takes place in these zones, being led by Dr Everton Morteus Balmer, the head biovessel archivist. Sterilization is made by flushing out the decomposing bioforms with a special fluid made in the lab of Balmer's gang.