the tree students the lead the detention surviders.

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In the depths of Detention, Students would wander aimlessly, desperately searching for means of self preservation. Some grouped together, some decided it was every Student for theirself, and others accepted their fate and let themselves be scavenged.

As the cycles continued above them, Students gradually began to build a ragtag civilization below. Caves in the mounds of their dead peers, weapons fashioned from scrap metal, fires to signify friendliness to newly-expelled Students; a community began to grow.

They went through many leaders, most perishing to mutiny or Scavengers. After their Queen Arachnid was murdered, there was a long period of anarchy.

But just as the Students began to consider revealing themselves to the Scavengers and give up, three leaders rose up to lead all of Detention.

They were the Queens of Detention.


The first Queen of Detention; Regal is objectively the least damaged of the trio. Regal was first noticed by other Students when she made a statement by using the oil of dead classmates as make-up. Many Students have since began using oil for self expression. Regal is best known for beginning fashion statements in Detention, like female students wearing the male sweatpants under their skirt, or putting up their hair with bandages fallen from the doorway to the School.

Regal brags that she fought against Ms Board before being put in Detention, and that she ‘almost won’. She has a scarf fashioned from a strip of Board’s sweater she had ripped off while fighting for her life.

As the main Queen, she bestows names on Students who survives the Scavengers. 


Named for being ‘Bug-eyed’, Bugsy is the second Queen of Detention. When she fell from The School, half her face was scraped off, and she suffered a huge blow to her head. The injuries left her with a malfunctioning brain, giving her twitchy circuits and general difficulty thinking straight.

She is the most violent of all the Queens. The former leader of Detention, Arachnid, had tried to execute her. Rather than accept her punishment, Bugsy leapt to Arachnid and killed her. She still carries the fallen Queen’s head on a stick.


The third Queen of Detention is barely considered a Student by the Factory’s standards. She was an error student, having been created entirely robotic without any organic grey matter. Zombi has next to no autonomy at all and tends to follow Regal around like a lost puppy. The only reason she is a Queen is because Regal and Bugsy took pity on her situation and decreed that she be a Queen.

Regal was the one to style her hair. Zombi has no want or need to stand out or be unique. She barely speaks, does not fight or argue; this is what earned her the name Zombi.


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