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An endless (or at the very least obnoxiously large) void inhabited by various creatures. It's the space "between" zones, or perhaps space that is not zone. It's inhabitants vary vastly in shapes and sizes, from small creatures to titanic gargantuars with sizes comparable to celestial bodies. As space between zone, the Abyss can by accessed trough openings that lead outside the zone, such as exit doors, windows and various cracks in walls. Sometimes you can visit the Abyss in your dreams.

The Abyss made it's first appearance in a flash animation in 2009, way before the development of the Noisy Tenant universe. In Don't Get Spooked it is called Evil World. The Awful Hospital comic shows us another glimpse into the Abyss and giving a sense of scale.

"Nothing like an afterlife exists in the continuity; only endless "zones," including the reality we can perceive. This is what it looks like "between" them."

List of Known Inhabitants Edit

Occasional VisitorsEdit


  • Grey zoners occasionally wake up in the Abyss. If they manage to return, they will wake up like if it was a dream.
  • Many Abyss creatures are inspired by real deep sea animals.
  • Light doesn't work normally here. Despite being pitch black and no visible light sources nearby, you can still see creatures and objects.
  • Uboa from Yume Nikki makes a cameo in the Abyss.

Speculation Edit

I like to think that the inhabitants are descended from grey zoners who found themselves stuck there and unable to shift out (like the protagonist in the original flash)

-The Cuttlefish King

Someone at the time said that either the thing at the bottom right with the long green fingers or feelers, or the similar thing with the triangular mouth and the large hands at the bottom left was a cameo by Salad Fingers. I don't think the resemblance is that striking -- George Parkins


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