Bioform: Fusion (fungal + bacterial + myiasite)
Native zone: Inert sub-concept vessel
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Likes: Puns
A fusion resulted when Celia, Staph and Maggie teamed up to defeat the Terrortoma.


Staphellie is the fusion of Celia, Staph and Maggie. She was formed in order to defeat the Terrortoma in Fern's inert sub-concept vessel's anomaly-ridden area, also known as the Red Blight. Staphellie combines aspects of fungi, bacteria and insect but has a vague humanoid shape. Her soft body consists of a green biomatter with some pink filaments while her harder parts are made of keratin. Keratin pieces include her hat, sword, legs, lower and upper body parts which give a menacing masked face. Her mouth is located in the belly area and is circular with sharp needle-like teeth. The head is actually located on her left arm. It has an opening filled with many eyes and "hair" made of the pink filaments. Her hat combines Celia's and Staph's hats, with a red Rod of Asclepius symbol on it. Since Celia had a keratin sword prior the fusion, Staphellie wields a bigger and stronger keratin sword with which she slices her enemies.

Staphellie's appearance was brief and never even seen by Fern, who was passed out at the moment. Her only known personality trait was her love of puns. Literally every sentence she said had a pun, but they were poorly out of context as they made no sense whatsoever for her current situation.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a combination the trio's names which fused into her.
  • The symbol on her hat is animate. If one looks closely, the snake/worm pierces the heart at one point.
    • The thing also closely resembles Redbert.
  • She is a shout-out to Steven Universe and Sailor Moon.


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