Bioform: Reanimated corpse
Native zone: The Morgue, The Hospital
Residence: The Morgue, The Hospital, Flesh Maze
Occupation: Enemies
Likes: Eviscerating
Dislikes: Fire
"Slobs", as they were first called by Jay, are cancerous reanimated corpses which have regenerative abilities. These heavily mutated zombies only care about feeding, killing anyone on sight.


Their existence was caused by an anomaly that slipped in one of Fern's corpses with Dr Tori's ID card. The anomaly was called the "Red Blight" which at first was an isolated region in the bone marrow where red flesh kept growing and dying in a self-sustaining matter. After finding this corpse at The Morgue, Fern unwillingly goes on an adventure in the corpse's endozone at the end of which the anomaly spreads across the whole body. Now a regenerating dead body, inhabiting decomposers can live there indefinitely. Under Celia's rule, the anomaly spread to all of Fern's dead bodies in the Morgue. The Red Blight reanimates the bodies and mutates them, turning them into powerful red zombies called "Slobs". Although the anomaly can't replicate outside the host zone's specific biomatter, Slobs turned from other peoples bodies besides Fern's are still encountered. Living hosts that turn into Slobs usually have an injury or ailment that is linked to the infection. The Slob that turns from its host tends to have a more prominent feature depending on the injury or ailment the host had (ex: a broken arm host spawns a Slob with a huge clawed arm). Before transformation, the host experiences increased appetite and behavioral abnormalities. They can even experience perception shifts, gaining access to other zones or layers.

Slobs are randomly mutated from their normal physiology, with most common features including sharp teeth, long claws, extra body parts, more muscular parts, misshapen body and many more. In this manner, each Slob can have unique abilities, not one being like the other. Their blood can be described as a purple ichor. They are not electroconductive but are highly flammable, which means they have a resistance to electricity and a weakness to fire. While they sound like mindless creatures, Slobs do possess sentience. Other creatures can understand them while greyzoners cannot. From their perception they see most of their environment as flesh and have access to other zones. From an outsider's perspective, they look like they can vanish for a while and return later.

Even if their regenerating ability defies the conservation of mass, they still feel the need to feed and are highly hostile towards living beings, even if they don't require sustenance to grow. When sufficiently wounded in battle, they usually slink away to regenerate. Even after death, the same Slobs can keep coming back. Their regenerating power allows them to recover even from injuries that reduces them to a liquification status. Recovery from heat based damages is a bit slower. Regenerations are imperfect, and new or modified physiology may arise from repeated damage.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.

Types of Slobs and StatsEdit


Since Slobs take on numerous shapes and sizes, there are many types of them which can be encountered. Some of these are:

L7 Slob

A basic Slob with clawed arms. Attacks with both of them at once.

  • LVL: 7
  • HP: 8
  • Moves: Double Swipe

L10 Jayslob

A special case where a living human named Jay turned into a Slob while still alive. This version of Jay originally had a broken arm in a cast which later transformed into a Slob arm, at which point his mind was overtaken by the anomaly. During battle, his body is continuously overgrown with the anomaly until he is completely red, become a full Slob.

  • LVL: 10
  • HP: 9
  • Moves: Talon Rake, Phalange Chomp


Another Slob that turned from Jay. This one was turned from a version of Jay that had an eyepatch, so it's eye based. In its transformation, the legs had atrophied, teeth and claws grew, the head fused to the rest of the body and the infected eye grew a giant stalk, giving the impression of an head. It walks on its arms. The big eye is actually a fused cluster of eyes. The modified eyelids, which now have a zigzag shape, are used for facial expression, similar to a mouth. The Eyeslob gets to be a new protagonist in Awful Hospital and the perspective shift makes it look more cute and expressive. Also, it sees things differently, like seeing the plank walls as flesh walls.

Stomach Slob

Classified as Sample S/XB/055 of threat level Vermillion by the EBSHA foundation, it is a Slob that turned from a foundation operative. Prior the violent transformation, the host suffered from stomach cramping, profuse sweating and increased appetite. The Slob resulted has a big belly, its limbs adapted to quadrupedal locomotion, a mouth with sharp teeth formed on its belly and its eyes moved closer to it, the former head becoming its rear end. The bellybutton resembles a blowhole giving it an accidental whale appearance. It measures approximately 2.9 meters in height, having doubled in volume over the course of ██ days in containment. It has its own article in the bestiary.

L??? Final jay slob

refered to has slob # 843 by Crash. who, as a last ditch effort to stop Fern from putting his core in stasis, breaks Jay's entire skeleton to turn him into a massive slob vaguely resembling a crab. intrestingly thaw this one different jay did not lose his consciousness he new who he was and could even talk a little. it was extermly large and could deploy powerful organic bombs called slob bombs.

Crash may have made Jay a powerful slob by breaking his entire skeleton, but it also had the side effect of making Final Jayslob rather fragile for a slob as well. The creature is tearing itself apart simply byexisting, which meant it took damage from every single attack, especially from its own slobbombs. and unlike most other slobs it had no regeration. where hast most slobs can ownly be destoryed by fire and will just eventally regenat if not burned the final jay slob just fell a part and desovide into the grown just like nobody nose.


  • On their first appearance they had yellow eyes. Later their eyes were depicted as white.
  • At the end of Jayslob's transformation, his arm becomes the head.


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