"I just...I can't...what if I screw up...what if she hates me..."
Other names: Gloomy Scissors, 00-S194
Bioform: Snippers
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Surgical scissors

One of 212 pairs of scissors, also called snippers.


Scissane is an animate pair of scissors with eyes. She and the other snippers work at The Hospital as surgery tools, aiding Dr Tori in her work. Tori could achieve the same results with or without tools but using them only improves efficiency. Scissane is in a relationship with another pair of scissors named Scissie and they are both set aside by Tori as their performance is questionable and they make repeated surgical errors. Unlike her confident girlfriend, Scissane is more worried and "by-the-book", unsure if it is a good idea to work against Tori's orders in an attempt to impress her. Fortunately for them, they had enough practice in restoring Fern, their favorite patient, thanks to her numerous deaths across the layers. When Fern, using Tori's ID card pretending to be her, tried to approve a core swapping procedure that involved Crash, Chip and Jay, they saw through her disguise but seen this as an opportunity to prove their skill to Tori and played along, successfully completing the procedure.

She is very emotionally dependent on Scissie, as seen when they talk about Crash attempting unexistence (suicide), she says she would consider it if she didn't have Scissie. The snippers aren't very bright on their own, but when these two are together they are more perceptive, with Fern failing to fool them into believing she's Tori when using her ID card.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on scissors


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