Rosemarie Washington
"What school is this, again?"
Other names: Pink Girl, Error, Rosie
Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The School, grey zone
Occupation: Student
Likes: Delinquency, 54
Dislikes: Authority
The heroine of Strange School; a ninth grader who inexplicably woke up in The School with no prior memory.

Description Edit

A pink girl who mysteriously wakes up in a weird school. She can't remember what happened before or even her real name. She is completely pink with no nose, long hair and only 4 fingers. She was supposed to be going to a boarding school but woke up in a different zone. She was implied to be trans before through hints until it was confirmed later in the story. Her voice sometimes cracks, sounding strange and she claimed to be on estrogen for years. 73 was the one who noticed Rose's voice being deeper and once remarked her voice sounding weird.

Like Fern, she is influenced by many mysterious collective of voices inside her head. Whereas Fern is saddled with a "mixed bag" of voices (some helpful, some trollish) Rose's own batch seem to be consistently more dependable in their guidance. Thus, she trusts them more wholeheartedly than poor Fern can afford to. They even fight with The Principal on their own for her.

Rose doesn't perform exceptionally well in school, tuning out when the teacher talks. However, she is rather observant to details. She was freaked out when she first woke up in The School but she adjusted surprisingly fast to her new environment. There are hint about her being a bit of a bully in the past and she has delinquent tendencies. She is tough and brave enough to confront the monstrous creatures she has to face. She also has a magnetic personality, gaining a lot of friends and allies. She is in a romantic relationship with 54

Originally, Rose was supposed to be kidnapped by Scavengers and made into an artificial student. Being transgender, this confused the Scavengers (who can barely grasp gender) and they tried putting Rose into a male student body. She woke up and tried escaping the Scavengers only to run out into The Abyss mortally wounded. Dr Realz saved her and brought her into The School because he had a vision of her being essential in defeating The Principal.

At the end of the story, she returns back to the grey zone together with Rudy (formerly know as 54). They both develop severe PTSD that haunts the rest of their lives.

First Appearance Edit

In Strange School.


  • HP: 50


  • According to her report file, she is threat level Forest Green and of flesh class.

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