Professor Lexicovermus
"HOOOW-DOODLY-DO! How are all you fiiine readers tonight?!"
Other names: Lithovermus
Bioform: Bookworm
Native zone: The Library
Residence: The Library
Occupation: Professor, librarian
Likes: Literature
Blog: Awful Hospital Library
A bookworm from The Library.


Coming from the Library, Lexicovermus is a green bookworm wearing glasses, a tie and a graduation hat. He pops out of nowhere in just about anyzone from a book. The hole in the book is like a wormhole from where he can pull out other items. When going away, the book closes and disappears with an audible "POP".

Naturally, Lexicovermus is both literally and figuratively a bookworm, and he likes recommending others to read. He does so with the commenters in Awful Hospital, breaking the fourth wall. He is even found in the webcomic's library, greeting the reader.

He mentions the word "lexicomorphosis", which might be the process of transforming someone into a book. Judging by the writing on the book he comes out of, the book seems to have been once a human now transformed into a series of books and can even feel the Professor eating through it.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Lexicovermus is "bookworm" in Latin.
  • In the file name he is called Lithovermus.
  • In his scrapped design he had a thinner body.


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