The Plank Maze is a damp labyrinth of planks that was seen growing around the Hospital like a cancer. It affects the layout and overtakes consumed rooms. Doors that should lead somewhere can instead lead into the maze, the expected room being located somewhere deeper in there. Overtaken rooms are simplified, carrying the theme of the wooden hallways. Some rooms can be reduced to only a closet. Some of the Hospital patient rooms were engulfed by the maze, including Jay's. The maze also keeps growing and changing, drawn maps of it getting outdated over time. One strange propriety it has is that when chased by a Hospital personnel entering the maze will make the pursuer forget what it was chasing. Most Hospital staff seem to be oblivious to the maze's presence and forget those who are in it, including their own patients who don't get treated because of this.

The maze also has multiple breaches into other zones, especially to the outside Abyss. There are many pitch black cracks that lead outside and many random monsters can enter through them, making the maze dangerous with frequent hostile encounters. Since it's an anomaly, many Magboils are seeping in. Slobs are also encountered here. They usually hide behind cracks for surprise attacks and they retreat back to regenerate. They also attack this way victims in the Hospital, so some cracks in the Hospital lead to the Plank Maze.

Dr Man's office resides in the Plank Maze and it may be a contributing factor to why he is so estranged by his fellow colleagues. Only patients that had their rooms overtaken are Jay and a Skull.

An alternate version of the Plank Maze is the Flesh Maze. It may be the same thing but seen from other's perspective. Eyeslob and probably the other Slobs are known to see it this way.

List of Encountered Creatures:


  • The concept and appearance of the Plank Maze originates from a dream the author had and illustrated in a classic comic.

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