"Get lost! I'm trying to play my favorite BORING ONLINE GAME!"
Bioform: Hellspawn
Native zone: Hell?
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World
Occupation: Gamer
Likes: Video games
Allegedly the son of Red from Cosbydaf's NES Godzilla Creepypasta.


Pinkish is a demonic entity and the son of Red, sharing a similar physiology, although they both possess shape-shifting abilities. Unlike his father, Pinkish has a pinkish color instead of red (as his name also suggests), has six insect-like legs instead of four, his tail has an arrow-like ending and has a flower growing on the top of his head. Both he and his father have big, toothless gaping maws and empty, dark eye sockets that sometimes have flaming pupils. Staring into Pinkish's empty eyes will make your very soul feel the empty chill of a billion dead worlds.

Pinkish enjoys playing video games, his father also well known for possessing game cartridges. Pinkish fits the "gamer" stereotype as he spends too much time on video games, doesn't get outside that much, is sweaty, doesn't have a job and stains his gaming chair with cheetos. He wishes to live up to his father's name but hasn't done anything noteworthy to be remotely as frightening. He currently stays at The Spookiest House in the World.

In Don't Get Spooked, you can give him a weird red fruit from Friend Red Worm to make him happy. He claims it made him redder but still looks the same. As a reward he gives the player something incomprehensible and indescribable, known as [REDACTED].

First AppearanceEdit

In Don't Get Spooked.