The Parliament of the Old Flesh, often abbreviated as just "The Parliament", is a mysterious and malevolent orginization older than existence itself. They have been implyed to have a very strong connection to Fern's Son.

Description Edit

If the story we find is true then in the begining of the universe there was a BIRTHDAY CAKE and there was NEVER EVER anything else. Everything was fine, but like any normal real-life cake that's left uneaten for too long… cultures of microorganisms eventually settled upon the BIRTHDAY CAKE, and it decayed completely as nature took its course. The BIRTHDAY CAKE wasn't able to comprehend that something other than itself may exist, and felt such an intense hatred of the Zones because of this that its remains (the crumbs) became the Parliament, running purely on The Power of Hate.

They appear to be very powerful and all seeing as they let the reader know they're keeping tabs on Fern. When she returns from Internal Sub zone there is a picture of the BIRTHDAY CAKE with the words "SOON :)" written on it. Clearly them sending a message. To use if not here. It's unclear what their connection is with Fern or her son is. Every page in Awful Hospital isn't just numbered, but cleverly titled as well. The Parliament's debut comes on page #184, with them looming over the crib of Fern's baby. Scroll down the webcomic's archive and see for yourself what #184's been titled. so clearly somthing very dark is going on indeed.

Fern has an implyed indrect connection with them but it's unclear. However, they do send Flipper (apparently that's the dolphin) to save her from Dr.Balmer although thet might just have been for the use for her. There appear to be five members of the parliament but only one has been named Redbert. He's an enormous red worm that seems to be specifically affiliated with The Parliament. He appears to be the Rod of Asclepius on The Hospital's door. he is unike among the parliament because while the others are gray stone like creaters hes a big red worm. Later on a new member of the Parliament has manifested itself with the headbees, making itself part of the audience who strongly advice Fern on doing something. That is the Agent of the Old Flesh. It could be a simple fan character in the comments but I'm not taking any risks. They were made for the sole reason of snitching on the headbees with the Parliament. Agent of the Old Flesh appears to be intelligent and knowledgeable on the Parliament. Sometimes it even contradicts on the suggested actions of the Headbees.

the full extent of the there power is curently unknown other then the fact that they control Flipper and it seems as if they have an eye on everything. It is implyed that they are resonsible for bringing all the Gray Zoners to the hospital. It is also implyed they have several unseen conections to several already seen characters.

They were also revealed to be the ones responsible for Jay's condition. They use him to make new slob monsters and try to use the creature and recruit them. Its possible that all Jay's murdering might well be secretly directed and influenced by them. Even if it isn't, it at least has their full blessing and approval. What makes this all the more disturbing is that Jay hasn't given any indication of being aware The Parliament even exists.

First Appearance Edit

In Awful Hospital.

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