Bioform: Class IV food mess
Native zone: N/A
Occupation: Food
A delicious thing that's commonly prepared for infants.


An Oumblant is described as a "class IV food mess" that is commonly prepared by caretakers as an obligatory gesture of affection or pity. These are blue-grey creatures with rigged skin, two simple fingerless legs and a spherical head with its only feature being a frontal spike/proboscis. Not much is known about their intelligence or behavior and are mostly regarded as some kind of fruit or something without a mind of their own. Its interior consists of coiled layers of succulent hwom around a clot of colorless and flavorless paste. The coils of hwom are vividly colored and can be compared to the zones and layers of our perception range while the dull paste represents the grey zone.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital in a book about the grey zone.


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