Bioform: Biomorph subnode
Native zone: Flesh Maze
Residence: Flesh Maze
Occupation: Security
Parliament security drones that scan for irregularities and dispose of of them. Its name has nothing to do with the Turkish Empire nor with a type of furniture.


An Ottoman looks like a floating pale sphere that is seemingly "smiling". The opening looks like a smiling mouth when closed but its more like an eyelid. It opens slightly when talking. Speech is like a robot's speech. When fully opened it reveals a pair of red tentacles inside. They're quick, thick, and end with four worm-like "fingers". These are used for violently killing targets. In the hole from where the tentacles come out there is a small head with a pair of black eyes. There are also some thin tentacles that give the impression of eyelashes.

Ottomen are created and used by the Parliament as security guards in different sectors of the Flesh Maze. They can telepathically scan others' minds for irregularities, such as the presence of buzzers. As per protocol, Parliament associates must comply with these scans for behavioral deviations and those who have abnormalities are quarantined and extinguished (killed).

Eyeslob once met an Ottoman that detected the presence of commenters and tried to kill him on the spot. The Slob fled and escaped through a layer breach, leaving the Flesh Maze.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • The Ottoman is inspired by Evil Otto from the arcade game Berzerk. Evil Otto has a similar robot speech and relentlessly pursues the player if they don't hurry.


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