Oozing Skull
Oozing skull
Bioform: Cranial
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient, business partner
Likes: Fast
Dislikes: Not fast
A cracked skull with brains and eyes crudely shaped like a snail (and moving like one).


Exactly what his names says, he's a broken skull with it's brain and eyes coming out. Each eye has a different iris color. His general shape resembles that of a snail's, with the skull as a shell, the brain as the body and having the eyes on stalks. Movement is very slow and blood constantly oozes, leaving a blood trail wherever he goes. He got to the Hospital after he crashed into the reception desk. His appearance before the accident is never shown, but is presumed that he was faster before.

Oozing Skull loves moving fast, which caused him his injury. His file also notes that he neglects traffic safety. Now he is slow as a snail, but in his perception he sees himself moving faster than he actually is. If he enjoys his slow pace, one can just imagine the excitement he got when Ms Green ran holding him in her hands. This also made him unresponsive for a few moments. His file warns to not under any circumstance allow him any motorized locomotion, in order to avoid repeating incident 00/V/3948.

Later we find that Oozing Skull became Crooked Spine's business partner, now wearing a fedora. They also open up a shop in Spine's patient room.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital as a patient. Ms Green used him to buy stuff from Crooked Spine. Leaving him there, the spine became his mentor and partner.


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