Nobody Nose
"a pwace that's WHAT!?!"
Other names: Runny Nose
Bioform: Nasal
Native zone: Mucosal zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Likes: Orange peels, vaporub
Dislikes: Cat hair, dust mites

Nobody Nose is a patient in The Hospital who was found by the protagonist by following the green trail left by his excess mucus.


Nobody Nose looks like a human nose that produces way too much mucus. He seems incapable of comprehending the concept of outside the Hospital. He is in the Hospital because he claims to suffer from kidney stones. While it doesn't make sense for a nose to have such an ailment, the stones are actually the offsprings of Kidney Stone Mother and they are just simply bothering the nose. To treat his problem, it was recommended to wait until the stones grew bored of their juvenile behavior and leave on their own. Unfortunately though, while trying to help the nose Fern gave him a Ded-stone Fogger which killed the kidney stones. This caused their mother to take revenge by killing Nobody Nose and fighting Fern.

First AppearanceEdit

Nobody Nose first appeared in the Awful Hospital comic as a patient.


  • He was still a child.
  • His name is a pun, sounding like "nobody knows".
  • He was originally conceived as an old man but the readers immediately assumed he was a child when they first saw him, which was considered a better idea.
  • He is personal to the author, representing the partial conquering of his fear of nasal discharges.