Myiasites are maggot people, usually found living in inert sub-concept vessels (corpse worlds). They represent the larval stage of dipterites (flies). Unlike the myiasites, dipterites are not sentient are are pretty much like normal flies.


Young myiasites have a more humanoid body shape, possessing arms and legs (ex Maggie). Just like real maggots seen under a microscope, they have tusk-like mouth parts. Although myiasites have eyes, what appears to resemble eyes in a real maggot are actually their olfactive sensory organs. This means myiasite eyes can also smell. Maggots feed by burying themselves head first in flesh and the only way they breathe without suffocating is from their anus. Older myiasites are much larger (ex Magatha) and at the end of their life cycle they bury their head in flesh preparing for transmigration. Transmigration is the event in which the myiasite releases millions of dipteries from their anus after which they wither and die. According on a Tumblr comment, myiasites are born when a bunch of dipterites work together to fill a trash can with barf and a new myiasite is born in there.


Just like other copse inhabitants, myiasites don't value life that much. This often leads them to engage in dangerous activities which would threaten their lives, showing no fear of death. As carrion eaters, they consider it an honor to have their corpse eaten by a friend or vice versa. Myiasites often have "magical" abilities, such as dipterite control (diptomancy), telepathy, clairvoyance and others.

Myiasite CharactersEdit


  • The word "myiasis" means infection with fly larva, which usually borrow under the skin.
  • Myiasites eat marshmallows made from dipteries, which makes them cannibals.
  • There was an early Awful Hospital concept of a myiasite village in Fern's corpse world that needed help but the concept was dropped as it would unnecessarily lengthen the story.


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