Mummy Man 1
Other names: Mummyman
Bioform: Mummy
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World
One of the Mummy Man brothers! For more information about the other brother click here.


A short mummy with large eyeballs, vampiric fangs, a razzing tongue, a perfectly flat Frankenstein-like scalp dressed in black and white striped clothing. He is slightly taller than his brother. He, his brother and a few others are secret monsters in Don't Get Spooked that can be only encountered while being spooked exactly once. This mummy brother in particular is found hidden under a coffee table in the lounge of The Spookiest House in the World.

First AppearanceEdit

In an old 2007 Halloween article. Later became a character in Don't Get Spooked.


  • He and his brother are based on the chewing dog toys reviewed in the aforementioned article.