Nurse Molly Curdle
RB molly
Other names: Nerse, Medical Waste Nurse, Trash Bag Nurse
Bioform: Medical detritus
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Head nursing specialist, head of sanitation, food preparation assistant, offspring delivery assistant
Likes: Fermentation, poetry
Dislikes: Soap, sawdust
Molly Curdle is a medical waste bag that works at the Hospital as a nurse.


Molly Curdle is a pinkish-red bag of medical waste shaped roughly like a human female. Among other things, she contains numerous broken needles, which stick out of her skin. She uses these as her primary weapon. The glowing bio-hazard symbol on her face region serves both as an eye and as a mouth, as seen when smoking. Without the bag as a "skin", Molly is just a puddle of waste, possibly even inanimate but still living. One of her more peculiar abilities is that she can be as fast as she wants, ruling out the option to outrun her.

Molly works as a nurse at the Hospital since it's first layer congealed from raw concept. Molly also speaks in an unique language that probably can't be heard by grey zoners but are understood by others, including the staff. Her speech bubble is colored black with red outlines and characters. The text is written in Wingdings font, made mostly of zodiac symbols. If one translates her dialogue, she seems to trash talk. An example translation when talking to Dr Phage is: "Fuck fuck! Shit piss fuck ass cock puke!"

"She’s pure medical waste, mostly needles but also bits of flesh, bandages, teeth, baby hands, fish heads, whatever a hospital is typically expected to throw away. The plastic bag is her “skin” but also removable. Her biohazard symbol works like an eye as long as the bag is on"  (Bogleech )

For some reason, she is the only one that enjoys listening to Spleen's annoying rants, hinting a possible romantic feeling towards him. She is seen treating him with malaria by injecting him with syringes and sucking his fluids out. This made her accumulate so much waste mass that her bag ruptured. Biobags are also seen littered around the room, possibly being her offspring. This is apparently the normal mode of reproduction for Molly. According to Bogleech, regarding her appearance during this process:

Thinner Molly is Molly during a drought of activity and monster Molly happens during a glut of disease. "It's probably not a permanent, one-way transformation but a cycle." latly she has obsorbed so mutch wast she goten to were her  status, to a state that is no longer humanoid.

She also smokes gigantic cigarettes at inappropriate times. If they're anything like greyzone cigarettes, she smokes them backwards, with the open end in her "mouth". she apears to be some thing of a Narcissist has she named all of her many dosen if not hundreds of children molly jr yea thats not going to get confusing.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital, here coming out of a garbage chute.


  • Her name is a pun on the word "to mollycoddle."
  • She's responsible for Fern's first death.


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