Molecoids are small entities resembling molecules, with each individual having a different molecular structure. Each atom part is represented by a colored sphere and the bond being a grey line. The color of the atom tells which element it is. The known colors are:

-Grey = Carbon (can make 4 covalent bonds) -Blue = Hydrogen (can make 1 covalent bond) -Red = Oxygen (can make 2 covalent bonds) Covalent bonds are the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. Each atom has a number of covalent bonds it can make. For example, oxygen can make 2 bonds and together with 2 hydrogen atoms (which can only make 1 bond) form water (H2O).

Small and weak on their own, molecoids relay on their numbers, grouping together to perform harder tasks. Some of them are flammable and could cause an explosion if hit with fire

Molecoids are known to work for Balmer and the Preservators.

Molecoid CharactersEdit