Nurse Millie Curdle
Bioform: Medical detritus
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Co-head nursing specialist, medication specialist, bio-assistance calibrationator, checker-upperator
Likes: Mucus, bile, bandages
Dislikes: Sharps, paper towels
Hospital nurse and sister of Molly. She is the more responsible of the two.


Millie is a humanoid bag of medical waste, but unlike her sister Molly she doesn't contain blood and syringes. Instead she contains mucus, bile, bandages and other waste products. She has a glowing bio-hazard symbol for an eye and mouth. Her "skin" is ripped at the bottom half, leaving her legs uncovered, which are made of an amorphous mass of waste. Without this "skin" she is an inanimate but still living pile of waste. She communicates with wet, raspy breathing that grey zoners can't understand but other monsters do. When translated to human speech, her voice is "both "dainty" and exhaustingly humorless", "an image of a ballerina in a business suit crosses your mind".

Together with her sibling, they work as Hospital nurses. Her more responsible personality balances out Molly's more zealous nature, assuring that Molly gives the correct amount of medical care and preventing her from giving the wrong medication. Millie is less hostile and more friendlier than Molly, even having a peaceful conversation with Fern and Willis as the translator. She has a tendency to second-guess herself and is known to bend a little to much to Molly's influence.

The first hint of her existence was when Fern respawned for the first time. Only her yellow glow was seen in the trash cabinet. She went in there to take a break but someone locked her in with a key. Fern much later finds such a key in Jay's room and frees her. The trash cabinets also have the effect of making other creatures (except grey zoners) perceive their contents as garbage. As long as Millie was there nobody knew about her existence before getting out again.

There are hints from Dr Phage and Willis that there might be a third sibling in the Curdle family but they don't remember them. Phage even wonders about their good performance without a third sibling.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • She can't perceive Eyeslob, just like she can't perceive the effects of the Parliament corruption.


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