Mister Methanyll
"We've got a selection of fine cheeses!"
Other names: Methyl, Methanol, CH3OH
Bioform: Molecoid
Native zone: N/A
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: Balmer's employee and associate
One of Balmer's goons.


Methanyll is a molecoid resembling a methanol molecule (CH3OH) wearing a hat. Three hydrogen atoms act as his legs and one hydrogen as his snout. The red oxygen is his head and the grey carbon is his base body.

He works for Balmer in his inert sub-concept vessel sterilization business and together with Miss Hyde they are his two main associates. When Fern meets Balmer's gang, Methanyll tries to convince her to came in by offering cheese or booze (which makes sense since he himself is an alcohol).

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • His name is a pun on methanol.
  • He has a thick Cockney accent.
  • Methanol is the simplest alcohol.
  • Methanol is produced naturally by the anaerobic metabolism of many bacteria varieties.