A living set of doors connecting the cafeteria to the rest of the School.

Description Edit

another living burger inc door. just what the world needed. but serisly.  He's a much kinder set of doors than his green counterpartfrom The Hospital. Not only for having a more pleasant personality, but he supplies an invaluable hint to Error when Meatlet Jr turns enraged, saving her from certain death.

he was remothed from the school fallowing an unspicifed incident with several badly behaved students. the super-studious cyborg children are unable to hear the voice of the Doors... while Error can. The Students do know the Doors are paranormal, though.

#73: Uh… Are the doors being weird and psychic again? Edit
Error ..Wait, you can’t hear them? Edit
#73: No… Edit
#54: We know they do that sometimes though, it’s ok. Edit

First Appearance Edit

In strang school.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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