A sapient mass of slime who sells random odds and ends from inside one of the School's lockers. trades random junk for food.

Description Edit

a small black tenticald slim monster. he lives mostly in lockers where In exchange foredibles, Merchant rewards customers with whatever he's acquired. normally just random junk from but some times it can be usfull. despite his small Merchant is a nigh-invincible ally. Nothing hurts him in battle.

Merchant is the only being known to have a complete immunity to The Principal's spikes. Unless, of course, The Principal were to coat his spikes in Mold-B-Gone, the way he did with The Janitor; then they'd produce the intended effect on Merchant. has is the weak ness of all

he is also very strong and can inflicked grate damage on eniems he can form parts of himself into whips and flails to attack enemies with. he can also use his tenticals to liturally roup in customers. intresstingly he every one in school seems completly unawar of him even the suposudl omnipident Principal.

by the time of transverse he has gron and taken on a more huminod but still adorible shape, now waring the jaintors old suit. he also appears to be mentally to has he now relise he can us money to by food. and now trads his weirs for money. thaw he will still exect food if asked nicly.

First Appearance Edit

In strang school.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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