Chip's replacement a new verution of jay crated by putting jays core in chips post.

Description Edit

joe is jays core in chips body. but unlike chip he has not retained his memors and is not exactly the same person. a man with A paper cup full of cheap coffee for a head. and a torc made out of a "caution, hot!" liner. Even after his change, Joe is lanky thin, and although his body no longer has the 'bacterial' pattern Jay had, Joe wears a blue-colored uniform and his cup-head is also blue. Even the neck brace Jay was wearing during his final life cycle 'translated' to one of those "HOT! CAUTION!" covers that coffee shops put on their disposal coffee cups. Joe inherited all the responsibility of being this from Chip. Meaning Flair's not letting him leave the Café anytime soon. thaw he seem to have son sub conuse memoires of being jay. telling fern ""I hate you for some reason," "Choke to death forever," and other such pleasantries."

First Appearance Edit

In Awful Hospital as a patient.

Gallery Edit

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