This fellow maintains cleanliness throughout the School. a black slime mold and apperently merchants bother.

Description Edit

the jainitor is well the janitor. he is a black slime the same species of slime monster as Merchant. But where Merchant is more of a naked amorphous puddle, The Janitor takes on a more refined, clothed humanoid form by default. his file reviles this is because He’s din't want to grow up,because he thinks he’d scare the kiddos. So he shoves a bunch ‘a shit to clog up his body and stunt his growth!!! And it /worked. callsing him to take on a human like form in the prosses.

he was brout to the school has a child like the other black slimes he all ways clend every think so they mad him the jainitor. like merchant he can be bride with food. Whereas Merchant supplies 'goods,' The Janitor seems to be more of a 'services' provider. And it doesn't take a huge banquet to buy his cooperation, either. For a lollipop, he'll be your spokesman for whatever you want. For chewing gum, he stood by and kept his silence while #54 took Error's then-dead body from the detention chute.

For a guy who doesn't like to chat, The Janitor's a surprisingly silver-tongued fellow. Originally, #54 didn't care so much about reaching Planet Earth in particular as simply escaping the School. But then Error paid The Janitor to really sell Earth to her, and sell he did. Now #54 regards Earth in much the same terms as Flapjackregards Candied Island.

The Janitor later sought to bring Merchant to a 'Promised Land;' a zone where it was "all safes." Tragically, The Janitor only got as far as talking to Merchant about it, before The Principal did him in.

First Appearance Edit

strang school

Trivia Edit

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