Full name: Ciliated Shift Breacher
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Medium
Location: In cavities
Function: Parasitism, causing thoughtblight
Weakness: Blue liquids
Article: link
A multiplying parasitic reverberator.

Article DescriptionEdit

Never, ever try to penetrate a drainage cube until you've checked your cavities for Incubi. You might have heard that this is just some old shambler's tale, but the correlation between Incubi and the thoughtblight is too consistent to take chances. If they've started multiplying, I would recommend you flush the area with blue fluids. Anything blue will desalinate the idiots completely out of cycle, then you can leave them in a grey-zoner and neither will know the difference.


  • The picture is a fairy shrimp larvae.
  • The shape of an Incubus can be seen on a sign in Awful Hospital.