Hungry Bloodbag
Other names: Bloodbag
Bioform: Embryonic
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Blood donations
Likes: Blood
A flying talking blood bag with what appears to be a tiny embryo inside. It has a cord with a needle attached to it which it uses to suck blood. There could be more of these things around the Hospital...and plenty worse. 

Description Edit

The Hungry Bloodbag hovers in the air and attacks with its cord almost like a stingray's tail. It uses the needle at the end of its tail to suck blood. The blood bag can speak but doesn't seem very intelligent since the only thing it said is blood over and over. Its behavior is more aggressive when the bag is empty of blood, as it feels very hungry in such a state. When it has its fill of blood, it collapses into a deep sleep or slithers away to a safer place. They are not actively hostile, showing only interest in feeding when hungry.

Bloodbags are native to the Hospital and based on Dr Phage's words they are staff that have a role in blood donations.

First Appearance Edit

In Don't Get Spooked, later in Awful Hospital.


  • In Don't Get Spooked they had a different design with a support that had a device with a face attached to it.


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