Huge Louse
"Fzzzzzfzfzfzfzfzfzzz! Ffffzzz!!!"
Other names: Giant Louse
Bioform: Arthropoid, insect
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
A big louse that swapped roles with its host.


Eyeda Sorrit, a pink goopy patient with big eyeballs, suffered from clown lice infestation and got admitted to the Hospital. Fern tried helping her by giving a "louse treatment" but it actually contained normal lice, administering it like a salt shaker. The lice exterminated the clown lice and took their place. Later, the roles of parasite and host had reversed, resulting in a giant louse covered in pink gooey eyeballs.

Dr Phage considers this louse a distinct patient suffering from a case of pinkeyes. Over time, this louse grows bigger and the pinkeye infection worsens, covering its eyes. Eventually it turns all pink and lifeless with a slimy, pulsing pod suspended on a stalk.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • The "louse treatment" item doesn't get you rid of lice, but instead gives you lice, the bottle being like a saltshaker full of them


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