Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me
Hitmehitmehitme (2013)
Other names: Hit-me-hit-me-hit-me, Hitmehitmehitme
Bioform: N/A
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World; Jonathan Wojcik's nightmares
Occupation: Nightmare punchbag
Likes: Being hit
Dislikes: Not being hit

A product of Jonathan Wojcik's nightmares and imaginary friend.


Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me (always with three "hit me's") is a creature with one thick elephantine foot, flippers, smooth featureless "face" and its body covered in octopus suckers. The creature speaks in a squeaky little voice only saying "Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!" while hopping up and down slapping himself. A sample of his voice can be heard here.

In the nightmare of origin, the dreamer was staying in front of a TV where he saw a woman in a state of shock and disgust watching the monster hopping and shouting. This took place in a white featureless room. Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me later became an imaginary friend for its creator.

First AppearanceEdit

First described as a nightmare creature, later appeared in Don't Get Spooked.


  • He was inspired by Roger the monster from Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the episode being seen just before the dream took place.
  • Roger also became an imaginary friend, best friend of Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me.


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