A boy whose job it is to patrol the School's halls for unauthorized students. he dose not injoy it one bit. The hall monitor, makes sure that students have hall passes if passing through during class. He seems to have a severe speech impediment and a shock collar, and he…ergh, you don’t really want to talk about it.  


the hall monitor or Jeremy is one of the Android-Molecublue shifted Grey Zoners. he is different from the other how ever. in that he wassulected to be the hall monitor. has sutch he been fited with a shock callor. An ever-present source of torture for this boy; it shocks him anytime he shows even the tiniest sign of slackening as a hall monitor. witch basicly means if he dose or thinks any thinks about any thing other then being a hall monitor.

as sutch he has a rather strong death wish. and his character file states he has littarally tride to kill him self many times and  begs the girls to end his life. when they defeat him.  he's the only known student whose forehead is marked with letters instead of numbers: 'HM.' He also seems to have been specifically designed for hall-monitoring, instead of academic learning. And unlike most he still recalls his true name: Jeremy.he also always has wide forst on smile. Apparently, while regular Students are expected to be perpetually deadpan, Hall Monitors are expected to be perpetually smiling. the callor apparently shocks him when he dosent yet another reason he hates life.

He pulls aside any student he finds without a hall pass. For this reason, he's the first enemy Pink Girl physically fights. thaw intrestingly despite be speally picked and made to police the other students he dosent really seem very strong. and pink and 54 take him down pretty easly. thaw his has staded aboth death wish migth have had somthing to do with that. Constantly speaks like someone undergoing serious electrocution.

As a Hall Monitor, He’s…Not So Great.

Unlike all their other Students, the teachers have exempted the Hall Monitor from ever having to graduate. Thus, he has endured living at The School for multiple 'semesters.' he also apperantly never has not been refurbished or touched up in a2!#es. A few oil changes, sure, but he’s sustained several injuries and electrical surges over the y!!!3rs. espally from his shock callor aner reason why he probly dosn't figth so well.

he fells to stop the girles and is subsiqiently killed but the epilog states he was revide and sent back home to the grey zone.

First AppearanceEdit

in strang school


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