Type: Conscious
Danger level: High/medium
Function: Parasite
Weakness: Tube thought
A reverberator that makes its host unwell.


The glumdroodler is a conscious reverberator capable of speech. It can parasitize its host by entering its gel core. This also makes the host feel unwell, as it was the case with Grinding Chuck. The glumdroodler can be removed from the host using a deverberator but it will fight back. The only offensive move seen so far is shooting some strange ball projectiles from its upper "mouth" hole. Its weakness is tube thought, which is recommended to use after being weakened from combat.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital as a boss.


  • The image is a photoshopped photo of a fossilized Henningsmoenicaris larva with a hydrozoan at the lower half plus some added eyeballs, pink bow, teeth and "mouth" hole.


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