Ghoulash: …G.GM Mmmrrlbblle… mmmeMEEEEAAAATTTtttt

The cook at The School's cafeteria, who's affiliated with Burgrr, Inc.

Description Edit

ghoulash is well a giant ghoulash in the shape of a person. she is the luch lady for the school cutessy of burgy inc. In proud Burgrr Inc. tradition, Ghoulash is perfectly willing to use someone who's come to eat its food as an ingredient in a future meal.

The things Ghoulash serves children as lunch food are ambiguously edible at best. Although #54 was able to recover battle damage by eating her own lunch. bespite only having 5 hit points  its willingness to square off against three kids with 50 hit points each! Collectively, that's 30 times its own! how ever its  Ghoulash's defense is hopelessly high.

it is also a acompanided by Meatlet Jr. an extremly powerful black slime creator that calls it his  'Meatmama,'. Even though Meatlet Jr. calls Ghoulash 'Meatmama,' he insists that Ghoulash is not technically female. The narrative prose also emphatically applies the 'it' pronoun to the School's cook. it has a very short attion span and is easly destracted.

First Appearance Edit

In strang school.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on scissors

Gallery Edit

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