"HOWDY Y'ALL! Ya here 'fer a deposit or withdrawal?!"
Bioform: Subcore manifestoid
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Organ Vault gardener and banker
Likes: Perfection
Dislikes: Mistakes
The Hospital's Organ Vault gardener and banker.


Gardenia is a spotted pink humanoid with one eye, buck teeth, short stubby feet and long thin arms. Her head is shaped like a watering can, reflecting her profession. The nozzle replaces her right eye and is extendable. She wears a pink hat and a grey coat, which are actually part of her body.

Gardenia works at the Hospital as a gardener and banker in the Organ Vault, which is like a greenhouse for organs to grow just like some plants. There she tends to the samples by nutritizing, pruning, gel shaving, degleamenating, pesticizing and bedtime story reading. Organoids and other customers can make a deposit and they enjoy the "interest" as their samples grow, or even make donations and loans to perceptoids who need biomass. Useful for surgery when spare parts are needed. She gives much attention to small details and she's prone to panic. She's also a perfectionist, having zero tolerance to error. When it comes to her organs being manhandled by intruders, she becomes very protective and brave enough to confront Eyeslob when he was digging around her ganglias and jabbed him in the eye enough to make him bleed. Fortunately for him, Eyeslob recovered thanks to his regenerative capabilities as a Slob.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on garden.
  • She speaks in a hillbilly accent.


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