Bioform: Hominoid
Native zone: Macaroni zone?
Residence: The Spookiest House in the World
Likes: Your face
Dislikes: Wrong emoticons
Blog: (currently defunct)
Originally created by Christopher Howard Wolf (Slimebeast) for a short story.


Funnymouth is a jawless humanoid monster with a long dangling tongue and has tongues instead of hands and feet. He wears a loose straightjacket. He likes using the internet to creep people and has a habit of using an emoticon that looks like this: 0)_(0. If he slimes your face with one of his tongues your jaw will tear itself loose and scurry away on what was once your tongue. If he's like in the original creepypasta, he may be able to transform his victims into iterations of himself, like a contagion. When you encounter him in Don't Get Spooked you will have to choose from a selection of emoticons to respond back. Choosing wrong will upset him and he will make your jaw fall off. The correct option is 0)_(0 and it will make Funnymouth delighted enough to follow you. You must bring him to Frowndog to cheer it up, who afterwards will be known as Smiledog.

Note: After an update Funnymouth was replaced by Jeff the Killer.

In the original creepypasta, Funnymouth is an internet user that chats with the storyteller and becomes very unnerving. He secretly stands above him each night and salivates on his face. A few days later the storyteller's jaw feels funny and seems to be falling off. Then he states in the mirror that he has a funny mouth. This suggests him becoming another Funnymouth and this is how it spreads.


  • Funnymouth's appearance in Don't Get Spooked is based on a drawing by Chris Wolf himself.
  • He used to have a real site named as the story suggested but it was sold. He also used to have the email address