Fungus Trees
"I'd never let you lay one repulsive feeler on my precious forest!"
Other names: Horrible Ghastly Death Woods
Bioform: Fungal
Native zone: Inert sub-concept vessel
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: Decomposer
Fungus that grows in the shape of a tree, forming forests.


Fungus trees are primarily found in inert endozones and they are germinated by fungusapients (fungi people, such as Celia) as a byproduct of their feeding process. A single fungusapient can generate an entire forest if given enough time. The trees themselves are mushy and soft. Upon a closer look, the trees seem to have faces. They also generate a soft mist in forests. Fungus trees are faintly luminous, and it's common to be used as lamps in bacteria villages and in other local cultures.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • They dissolve in pus rivers.
  • Celia is very protective towards her forest.


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