"Next time you come by, dear, have any drink you charge."
Bioform: N/A
Native zone: The Cafe
Residence: The Cafe
Occupation: Manager
The manager of The Cafe and a manipulative little badge!


Flair takes the form of a yellow smiling badge worn by her employees, such as Chip or Joe. She can talk with the wearer, mostly for scolding them.

Flair is harsh with her employees, forbidding them from doing anything that isn't job relevant and keeping them overworked. She is also a master of psychological manipulation, tricking customers to tip more. She accomplishes this by playing on their guilt and making them feel the need to contribute.

There's a speculation that Flair actually brainwashed Joe, erasing his memories of his past life as Jay.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name comes from the "flairs" that are decorations which people like baristas are obligated to wear as part of their uniform.


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