Other names: U, Lidell Slubbs, Eyescream
Bioform: Reanimated corpse
Native zone: The Hospital (Plank Maze/Flesh Maze)
Residence: The Hospital, Plank Maze/Flesh Maze
Likes: Fern, Willis
Dislikes: Jay, fire
This Slob was born at the end of one of Jay’s life cycles; one where the man was beset with an injury to his left eye. The Eyeslob has knowledge of some drastically important deed Jay performed in the past. He feels duty-bound to inform Fern about this deed of Jay’s right away. For this reason, he is seeking the woman out.

Description Edit

Another Slob that turned from Jay. This one was turned from a version of Jay that had an eyepatch, so it's eye based. In its transformation, the legs had atrophied, teeth and claws grew, the head fused to the rest of the body and the infected eye grew a giant stalk, giving the impression of a head. It walks on its arms. The big eye is actually a fused cluster of compound eyes. The modified eyelids, which now have a zigzag shape, are used for facial expression, similar to a mouth.

The Eyeslob gets to be a new protagonist in Awful Hospital and the perspective shift makes it look more cute and expressive. Also, it sees things differently, like seeing the plank walls as flesh walls. Unlike literally all other Slobs seen before his debut in the story, this Eyeslob is fully sapient, driven by more than predatory animal instinct. The Eyeslob is a newborn neonate with the mentality of a toddler, who is intent on finding a woman in need of all the help she can get, and pass along what he feels is vital information. His thought processes are rendered in baby babble while his vocalized dialogue sounds unintelligible. Yet other monsters have no problems understanding him.

Right after he came into existence, his head hurt and a part of Jay's memory stayed with him. He refers to Jay as "meenman" and wants revenge for his deeds. For unknown reasons, Eyeslob remembers Fern and tries to find and inform her about Jay. There's obviously a language barrier and he looks more menacing to Fern, so he knows he can't just directly tell her anything. This gives him the idea to show her how Jay "did a hurt", while looking at his claws, implying he intends to hurt Fern. Or draw with his claws, like an earlier Slob did. It's up to the commenters to guide him to do the right thing.

He purchased several items from a vendor with EXC (excretion crystals), a currency of crystallized waste. These items are: oold pollep (one extra life), an all-new arm specifically to better perform nonviolent interactions, a book with a worm on it (however with the mind of a toddler he can't read it but Bloodstain gets to read it for him), navigational membrane shard (like a GPS), birthday card, clapping hat and Infoid Larvus (info giver). He has four inventory slots, also called inventory bladders. On his second visit to the store he acquired the additional items: triplicate ancillary storage bladder (three extra inventory slots), h'leth bladder (HP increase), grat column (attacks autohit), flep (attack stat increase), ink sac (for escaping combat situations), swarl clister (deadly for Ottomen), another oold pollep and a Burgrr Inc. employee hat.

When Eyeslob first finds Fern in The Hospital's greenhouse, she and Jay are held in layer stasis by Crash. Crash distracts the Slob with cat videos on a nearby manifested screen in order to have a conversation with the commenters. He instructs the viewers to guide Fern in replacing his concept core and unexistize him. After all that talk, in order to have the commenters return to Fern from the Eyeslob, Crash induced him to slash Fern dead with his claws, resulting in her respawn at her patient room. The influence of the commenters and the Parliament is the reason the Eyeslob is able to be the first Slob that develops sentience and even starts to learn complicated emotions like love. This makes it all the more tragic when Crash implies that without the commenters influence, the Eyeslob is going to go back to being a mindless beast. This, however, is disproved when Fern later found him in her patient room. Eyeslob didn't attack her, but instead used his clapping hat to confuse her. Then he tagged along, following her and aiding her in combat.

Other Slobs are still hostile to him, even if they can communicate with each other. Other Slobs, actually, even use Eyeslob's trust to land an automatic hit. Eyeslob does feel hunger, and even consumes other Slobs and levels up in doing so.

Eyeslob also gained a new regeneration move for combat (called "REGEM") when he reached LVL 14. The move restore 50% of maximum HP, rounded down. Effectiveness halves with each repeated use in the same confrontation.


  • LVL: 12 (currently 14)
  • ATK: 10 (currently 15)
  • HP: 10 (currently 17)

(REGEM was unlocked at LVL 14, EXCAPE comes with the ink sac augmentation)

Leveling Up
Eyeslob has the capacity to increase in level, currently being at level 14. Leveling up moments:

First Appearance  Edit

In Awful Hospital.


  • He was never given an official name, Eyeslob is a popular fan nickname which later became official as seen in his anatomy chart.
  • He is observed to be capable to use both his mouth and his eye to eat. He uses his eye to consume a data drip from Drip Librarian Q7Q-DT8.
  • For unknown reasons he was spared in battle by Bunslob, who killed the rest of his party (Fern and Willis).
  • His thoughts confirm that Willis is indeed bigger than him.

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