Eyeda Sorrit
"Itchy! They're so itchy!! EYE can hardly take it, EYE tell ya!"
Other names: Gooey Pink Eyes, The Goopy Eyes, Pink Eyes
Bioform: Ocular
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Likes: Rainbows, being sticky
Dislikes: Beaches, cat hair
A pair of big eyes with a gelatinous body. Loves eye puns.


Eyeda is a pair of big eyes with a goopy translucent pink body. The vestigial body with a mouth opening is supported by the eyes. She is considered to have an annoying voice and a tasteless sense of humor, making frequent eye puns.

She got to the Hospital after being infested with clown lice. However, these "parasites" are harmless and even sapient, the only symptoms being itchiness and a 20% higher voice. Sadly, they were wiped out by normal lice that were given by Fern.

Later the relationship between Eyeda and her lice reversed, resulting in a giant louse covered in pink gooey eyeballs.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on "I'd-a saw-it".
  • Listeners can detect the eye puns even if they are only textual.

"It's interesting how you're able to "hear" the way words are spelled in this place."

  • She has a Boston accent.


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