Eyeda Sorrit
"Itchy! They're so itchy!! EYE can hardly take it, EYE tell ya!"
Other names: Gooey Pink Eyes, The Goopy Eyes, Pink Eyes
Bioform: Ocular
Native zone: N/A
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Patient
Likes: Rainbows, being sticky
Dislikes: Beaches, cat hair
A pair of big eyes with a gelatinous body. Loves eye puns.


Eyeda is a pair of big eyes with a goopy translucent pink body which is actually pinkeye slime. The vestigial body with a mouth opening is supported by the eyes. She is considered to have an annoying voice and a tasteless sense of humor, making frequent eye puns.

She got to the Hospital after being infested with clown lice from a faulty interzonal skim through the upper quasi-grey range. However, these "parasites" are harmless and even sapient, the only symptoms being itchiness and a 20% higher voice. Sadly, they were wiped out by normal lice that were given by Fern.

Later the relationship between Eyeda and her lice reversed, resulting in a giant louse covered in pink gooey eyeballs. Over time, this louse grows bigger and the pinkeye infection worsens, covering its eyes. Eventually it turns all pink and lifeless with a slimy, pulsing pod suspended on a stalk.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on "I'd-a saw-it".
  • Listeners can detect the eye puns even if they are only textual.

"It's interesting how you're able to "hear" the way words are spelled in this place."

  • She has a Boston accent.
  • She is the author's least favorite design of the patients.
  • Giving her clown lice instead of regular lice was pure improvisation inspired by the commenters.