Exvironators are mysterious red objects resembling some kind of circuitry and are found in certain endozones (living or otherwise, specifically in Fern's and Green Spore Son's ones. Apparently, they are peculiar pathogens capable to spread "Red Blight" corruption across endozones and other various effects. Each exvironator type does something different.

Dr Tori's ID was slipped in Fern's broken neck corpse and it carried an infection sealed in the bone marrow. The infected place had the Red Blight all around it, which was made of red cancerous growths that resembled distorted versions of Fern in varying sizes. The cells were in a constant cycle of dying and renewing, able to sustain the decomposer population indefinably. The ID had an exvironator attached to it which was found and brought to Dr Balmer's base in the endozone's heart. After some complications involving a dolphin, the exvironator was dropped in Balmer's embalming pool which enabled it to spread across the whole body and even to Fern's other corpses in The Morgue. On the outside the corpses turned red and reanimated into mutated cancerous zombies, colloquially called "Slobs".

Green Spore Son also had an exvironator in him but it is unknown what effects it caused. He was admitted to The Hospital and Dr Phage personally removed it from his endozone.

Exvironators are definitely linked with Parliament, but their exact nature and origin are currently unknown. They are also seen on the Flesh Doors as some sort of language or sign.


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