Emissary: zzzzZZZZWWWZZZZWWWYYNGGGGGGSSSGRRR*G*G*G*GRRRRRRReeeteetEETINGS INTO BEING, FLESHLET! FEAR NOT MY BLINDING GLORY! AWESOME THOUGH MY COUNTENANCE MAY BE, I AM BUT A HUMBLE EMISSARY OF THE PARLIAMENT OF THE OLD F-FLESH!!!!! ALL POWER TO THE OLD FLESH!!!!!!! A HOWLING VOID UPON DETRACTORS!!! When the slob made from Jay's left eye steps out of the room he was "born" in, he discovers this stranger awaiting him in the hallway. It introduces itself as an emissary of the Parliament, and seems to have appeared here for the sake of recruiting the young slob into the Parliament's service

Description Edit

the emissary is well an emissary for the parliment. It looks like a walkie-talkie formed of biological matter. As yet, it is unknown whether the Emissary is using this "walkie-talkie" to communicate with the young slob from a remote location, or if the Emissary is the walkie-talkie.

it trys to recruit the young eye slob. but The young slob has no interest in hearing about the Parliament's magnificent rise and all of their fantastic plans for the conceptual range beginning with the fourth flaggelance of the gellatined minnowloss. So he mentally tunes out the Emissary's history lesson and quickly walks on past.

First Appearance Edit

In awfull hospital.



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