Not necessarily clear if a zone in itself or just a part of the mind, there were instances where creatures were inhabiting other's dreams. It's possible that not all dream creatures are a product of the dreamer's mind, but creatures that can enter their minds, making their appearance in dreams. Shadow Eye, for instance, was first seen in Jonathan Wojcik's dreams but also appeared in the waking world of Don't Get Spooked, hinting its ability to travel between dreams and the "real" world. Not every dream creature physically enters people's dreams, some use their telepathic powers to do so, such could be the case for Flipper who taunted Fern in her dream. An uncommon event that can happen sometimes is visiting The Abyss when asleep. Grey zoners can sometimes go there after they go to sleep and if they can't find their way back they will fail to wake up back in their world. The Abyss was visited in this manner in a flash animation and in Nausea Quest. A popular occurrence in media such as Awful Hospital are prophetic dreams, ominous dreams that foreshadow future events, maybe caused by unseen forces.

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