Circula Tori
RB tori
"...You can do this,'s just like making a sandcastle...."
Bioform: Circulatory
Native zone: Tube zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Polyzonal biomatter reconfigurator (cross-zone surgery technician) licensed from the complete sub-grey to paraconceptual zones
Likes: Cooperative patients
Dislikes: "the loud squirmy ones"
Blog: Personal blog

Circula Tori is the head surgeon at the Hospital. She works on creatures from the sub-grey to paraconceptual regions. Her appearance is that of a system of the circulatory system with a peanut for a brain. Phage considers her to be one of the most competent of the staff, with a success rate of 23% . She is also, according to Dr Man, the hospital's only tube-zoner.


Tori is a skilled surgeon, Phage considers her to be the most intelligent and competent in the staff immediately after himself. She has trouble when dealing with grey zoners, seeing them as a collection of entities (organs) inside a skin sack. Tori once confiscated a peanut from the pocket of a grey zoner and now uses it as a brain, thinking that it makes her better understand grey zoner anatomy. She does surgeries using a knife and a spork. We see her bring humans back to life, despite her lack of understanding of their anatomy. Even after dying in a giant meat grinder, she can restore her patients the way they were before. The only things she needs to do this is the patient's core and spare parts from doomed layers (aka alternate dead bodies).

its later refiled that an entire circulatory system which includes a giant artificial heart, that's LARGE enough to circulate her veins and arteries throughout the entirety of the Hospital. Tori literally has eyes everywhere, but she can't pay attention to all of them at once

Bogleech the writer of awful hospital has stated:

"Tori's true form, at least as our eyes comprehend it - a gigantic artificial heart, a symbol of the triumph of surgical technology over the limitations of natural life.

You can think of the whole humanoid frame we've seen as just a "hand" of Tori, though as a surgeon, she thinks of her "hand" the way we think of our "face," so it's what she illustrates when she paints herself."

Circula Tori has a worrying tendency not to see other individuals as people with their own lives and aspirations, but as functions and algorithms. thaw Her glowing appreciation of Cathy as both a co-worker and a friend shows she doesn't completely lack empathy.

Tori also has a strong artistic side, manifesting her interest in fashion, decorating and drawing. She designed and decorated her own surgery ward, showing her surgical side by having stitched walls, veins and big eyeballs in her designs.(witch she can see thaw) along several nude portrait of herself in her surgery ward She often draws the staff and other characters in her notepad and writes their character files. Her notepad also has a lot of miscellaneous doodles everywhere.

First AppearanceEdit

In the Hospital creepypasta, nurses made from nerves and veins were mentioned.


  • Her name is a pun, sounding like circulatory.
  • In the background from the selfie picture we can see the surgery bed.
  • It's possible that she designed the statue Phage sees outside his office.
  • She wrote Phage's character file while talking serious matters with him.
  • There is a painting hanging in the Surgery Ward that appears to show Dr Tori without clothes.


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