Dr Man
"Ahh. Visitors. It's not locked. Yet. Ha ha. Doctor jokes."
Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Doctor
Likes: Jokes
Dislikes: Dr Phage
The only human doctor in The Hospital.


Dr Man specializes in curing paraviolet zone patients (they are similar to grey zoners) at The Hospital. His doesn't have much authority outside his sector. He claims to have gotten to The Hospital by walking all the way from Virginia, somehow ending up in the facility. Compared to other doctors, he appears to be competent in grey zone medicine and aids Ms Green in understanding the nature of The Hospital she has entered into. Dr Man promises to take a look at her son once she retrieves him.

Although it is not clear why, he and Dr Phage seem to dislike each other and pretend the other does not exist. The mutual animosity is evident in Dr Man keeping a dart board of a bacteriophage on his wall, and Phage's statue depicting him crushed under the weight of Phleboto's foot. The history between the two has yet to be revealed.

Other things of note about Dr. Man are his constant, unnatural smiling and pink nose. "I can't explain why tons of other people draw all of their humans that way, but a nose can become permanently pinkish from a lifetime of alcoholism." For ahuman, he acts very unnatural. Always smiling, sleeping while standing, starring out a bricked window, his volume increases drastically when mentioning Phage. He also likes to make doctor jokes.

Dr Man's perception isn't as limited as other grey zoner's, demonstrating that he can know your name even if you didn't gave that information by speech.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital in his office.


  • He is drawn in more detail than Ms Green.
  • He has a cup with "#0 DAD" written on it.
  • He is described as having a voice comparable to that of Boris Karloff.
  • He is inspired by Moguro Fukuzo from The Laughing Salesman manga and anime.


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