Dr Fleagood
"Old Doctor Fleagood's never lost a dinne-errr-patient, yet!"
Bioform: Puppet
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Veterinarian
Likes: Dogs
The Hospital's veterinarian. Has his own creepypasta story called Doctor Fleagood Does it Again.

Description Edit

Dr Fleagood works as a veterinarian. He appears to greyzoners, at least, as an orange flea hand puppet with four arms, Shrek-like antennae and a Pacman-like mouth. In this form, he appears to be operated by a a pale, lanky, middle-aged man, dressed like any ordinary doctor, with thick-rimmed glasses and thinning, grey-black hair, wide smile, crooked teeth and stiff as a statue. The "human" is actually the real puppet, Fleagood being the one who controls it. When separated, the human body is motionless as a corpse.

In Fleagood's perception, "everything is dogs". He not only performs medicine on dogs, but also feeds on them, and makes remarks on how delicious they look. He often uses an over-sized syringe to extract large amounts of blood from animals and inject it directly into his mouth.

He also runs a clinic that is capable of manifesting itself in the grey zone. To greyzoners, the clinic's sign reads "DQCT0R FLEAGO D'S DISCNT VETERINARY bring the wh0le family!" It also appears to be located in the middle of nowhere outside the city where the protagonist of the Fleagood creepypasta lives.

Since he doesn't have perfect knowledge about the grey inhabitants, his facility crudely tries to imitate a normal one. There are many decorations with animals from popular cartoons that are slightly off-model and/or colored incorrectly. On the posters, Fleagood appears to give medical attention to the animals and under every one of these murals are the words "He did it again!" in flowery, purple cursive.

In his story, we follow a protagonist who owns a black terrier named Toto. She knew the dog for ten years and helped her get through her harsh life. One day when she got home, the dog was laying on the floor sick. She desperately searched for a cheap vet until she found Fleagood's services. After bringing Toto to Fleagood, the doctor used a syringe to take its blood and spray it into his mouth. This enraged the protagonist and she confronted him. When she got out the building, she realized that she had never owned a dog before then. The truth is, Toto created fake memories and he actually was first found by the protagonist when she found him playing sick. His true nature remains unknown.

First Appearance Edit

In Awful Hospital. His story was written way before the webcomic but was released later as a Patreon reward.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a pun, made by combining the word "flea" and the song "Dr. Feelgood" by Mötley Crüe, which is named after a blues singer of the same name.
  • The fact that he sees everything as dogs is a reference to the Dogscape creepypasta.


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